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5 Pink Decorating Themes for a Girl’s Bedroom

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5 Pink Decorating Themes for a Girl’s Bedroom

admin Apr 30

These pink decorating themes for a girl’s bedroom are filled with feminine frills and girly fun. They can be tailored to fit any age, from toddler to teenager, and designed in a way to grow with your daughter. The choices in hues are unlimited, from a traditional soft color to a contemporary neon splash and can be pared with any other favorite colors your child may have.

Princess Theme

Break out the tiaras and fill the room with glitter and glam. Use removable wall decals to showcase her favorite princesses of the moment. Hang a prism filled chandelier that will be considered elegant at any age. A canopy bed is a must with this design. The white lace can always be changed later for a more grownup fabric.

Cotton Candy

Use a faux finish on the walls to mimic the soft swirls found in cotton candy. Ask at your local home improvement store for a kit to it simply and easily. Complete the fair theme with musical carousals and other magical rides found at a carnival.


This pink decorating theme for a girl’s bedroom can be as whimsical or modern as you want. Paint the walls a crisp white and the trim a neon pink. Use a flamingo statue as the focal point of the space and dress it up in an outfit for extra fun. If your daughter decides that she doesn’t like the design anymore, take out the flamingo and pair the pink with another neon color for modern contrast.


Paint the walls a soft hue. When decorating a pink bedroom for a girl in a rose theme, add other garden touches to fit your daughter’s personal style. Attach a white trellis to the wall, or install a garden swing in the corner of the room. Bring in pictures of butterflies and birds and white wicker furniture to complete the scene.


This pink decorating theme for a girl’s bedroom can be tailored to fit many interior design tastes, for any age. Hang shelving with heart cutouts on the side. Bring in swans, doves and other symbols of love. As your daughter gets older, she can change out pictures of valentines to famous romantic couples throughout history.

When figuring out how to decorate a pink bedroom for a girl, mix and match as many of the themes as she wants. As she gets older, it will be easy to tailor the colors to fit into a Shabby Chic style or Parisian feel.


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