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How to Make a Winter Candle Holder

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How to Make a Winter Candle Holder

admin Jan 05

Following the steps on how to make a winter candle holder may take a little time and patience, but it is not hard to do. It allows you to turn your old glass jars into a new candle holder. This is a fun way to recycle your glass jars! You can also save money by adding your own homemade candle holders to your winter decorations.

It is not hard to find the materials for this winter craft. You can check craft stores, grocery stores, and supplies stores. Stores such as Wal-Mart and Target may also carry the supplies you need! Do not forget to check around your house. You may find glass jars that are empty or near empty, and you can recycle those instead of buying new jars for this project.

Here are the materials, directions, and a few ideas on how to make a winter candle holder. Any children working on this craft should have the help and supervision of an adult, since they will be dealing with glass. If you have never done this craft before, then it may be best to read through all of the directions and ideas first.

Note: Since you are creating a candle holder, be sure to check that the materials you choose will be safe to use near a flame. Safety should always come first.


  • Empty Glass Jar (pickle jar, baby food jar, etc.)
  • Winter themed glitter or glitter glue.
  • Ribbon
  • Winter Themed Beads or Charms (optional)
  • Glass Paint
  • Paint Brushes


#1 – First you will need an empty glass jar. This can be from pickles, jelly, baby food, and so on. The sizes may vary, depending on what kind of jar you can find.

#2 – Wash and dry the glass jar completely.

#3 – Use glass paint to carefully paint on the design of your choice on the outside of the jar. You can paint the entire jar or only paint a pattern on it. Here are a few examples of designs and patterns you can paint on:

#4 – Once the paint is dry, you can add a little glitter if you would like. Place some glue on the jar candle and sprinkle some glitter on it or use glitter glue. You can come up with a new design or make an existing one sparkle! Allow all of the glitter and glue to completely dry.

  • A white snowflake on a colored background.
  • A small silver snowflake border on the clear glass.
  • A snowman on a colored background.
  • Polar Bears and Penguins (one or the other, or both!).

These are just a few examples on designs. In the end, what you paint will be entirely up to you.

Allow the glue to completely dry before continuing with the craft.

#5 – If you want to add one more final touch to your candle holder, you can tie a piece of winter colored ribbon around the top of the candle holder. You can even slip on a few winter themed beads or charms!

Learning how to make a winter candle holder can be pretty fun. You can come up with your own winter themed design to paint on the candle. You may even decide to paint on a winter related phrase, such as “Winter Wonderland”, “Let It Snow”, “Happy Winter!” Make one or two for the living room, or make a few to keep around the house. Your homemade winter candle holders will make great additions to your winter decorations. After winter is over, pack them away safely and use them for the many winter seasons to come.

Homemade winter candle holders will also make great gifts! There are many people who enjoy candles and homemade gifts, so creating a winter themed candle holder for them will be perfect! You can make a few to hand out for birthdays, holidays, or just to give someone something nice! Use different designs for each candle holder and even personalizing them by painting the name of your love one on his or her candle holder.

All you need are art supplies, old glass jars, and your creativity, and you can take something old and turn it into something new and beautiful! Have fun learning how to make a winter candle holder!


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